Preparation for a large competition is much easier with scrutelle-CM
The scrutelle data file scrutelle.db is generated automatically from Excel spreadsheets

A single master Events File defines all the events in the competition. Each can have a separate competitor file and a judge panel,
as shown below. The different judge panesl are defined in the PANELFILE

The Generate button creates an empty database which is then and subsequently updated with the Update Data button in order
to modify/add judges and competitor names

The Summaries button produces XLS files listing the competitors and judges for each event

A typical events file

The corresponding judges panel file

You can also have different panels for different rounds as shown below
For example in Event 18 Judge A is Christopher Hawkins in Round 1 and Barbara McColl-Stopford in Rounds 5-6

There are alternative formats for the competitor files


An example of a competitors file format 1 (with optional extra column ETHNICNAMES

Optional extra columns
ETHNICNAMESNames in Chinese or Cyrillic characters etc
SCHOOLName of school
ETHNICSCHOOLName of school in Chinese or Cyrillic characters etc
IDCompetitor ID (not yet available)