Please note this page applies on to scrutelle V9.6 and earlier
In V9.8 and later, data must be entered using spreadsheets imported into scrutelle-CM

1 Click on the New File icon in the top toolbar (White page)
2 Type in a relevant name for the new file to be created and click Save (If this is a festival over several days use for example: british thurs)
3 Click on Setup.
4 Click on Competition Title box and type in the proper festival name (i.e. the full festival name - e.g. United Kingdom Championships 2002)
5 Click on Dances and type a list of all of the dances that will be required during the whole day's competitions using the Enter key after each dance to move down to the next line. When complete click on Exit.
6 Click on Number of Judges and enter the required number (This can be altered at any point during the running of the program by selecting the Setup option and clicking on this box again to re-enter the number required).
N.B. If judges are working in panels enter the total number being used as you can select which judges to activate throughout the events
7 Click on Max No. in Heat to set the default for automatically printing out recalls in heats. (You have the option to amend this decision later if necessary).
8 If required, click on Competitors Names and enter number/spacebar/names/spacebar/town/country. When complete click on Exit.
It is also possible to copy and paste this information from an Excel Spreadsheet or Microsoft Word Document
9 If required click on Judge Names and enter the relevant names by the side of the code letters shown. This will print the list of judges at the end of the final round of each competition. When complete click on Exit
10 To enter events on the competition programme click on Add and a different screen will appear.
11 Click on Event Name box and type in the title of the event (e.g. Amateur Latin)
12 Click on the dances required in that event so that they are highlighted. (If you click on the wrong dance in error, click on it again to cancel).

All of the above can be done in advance of the day and the following points completed on the day of the competition when the entries and recalls are known. Repeat steps 10-12 for each event on the programme (maximum 50 events per file so you may need two or more files for a competition with many events scheduled. These should be split into sections for easier running).

13 Click on the Initial Competitors box and type in the entry numbers using the Enter key after each number. (For continual entry type for example 1-100 without any spaces and all 100 numbers will be entered).
If you wish to insert exemptions or byes click on Check and type * for a couple getting an exemption from a 1st round only(e.g. 63*) or ** by the side of the relevant numbers to be included at the end of second round (e.g. 69**). These numbers should then appear at the bottom of your list of entries and will automatcially be added on to the number selected from the 1st round or 2nd round. The recall sheet will state (e.g. 38 recalled + 10 *byes = 48).
15 Click on Recalls box and enter in the proposed recalls separated by spaces (e.g. 24 12 6). If the event is to be a straight final do not enter anything in this box. Then click Exit.
Repeat from (10-15) for each event on the programme if all the relative information is available in advance.
16 When all events have been entered, enter the number of copies of the compere's recall sheet that you want to be produced automatically at the end of each round by typing the required number in the Print Results on Accept box
17 If you require to do a Single Dance Compilation or 10-dance Competition create a separate folder for each competition (eg one folder for the Juvenile 8-Dance, one folder for the Junior 10-Dance and a separate folder for the Amateur 10-Dance). In each folder create a separate event for each of the dances involved . Also click on the Enable Single Dance Compilation box
18 The Export and Import boxes are to enable multiple files to be exported into one new file. This option will not generally be required unless more than one computer is in use.
19 Click on Exit Setup