On entry, CM automatically opens the last events XLS file previously opened in CM

NOTE: CM9.6 and earlier reads XLS files, CM9.8 and later reads XLSX files

Thereafter a different file can be opened by clicking on the Open icon in the toolbar - see (1) above

Excel itself can be opened by selecting a file in the drop-down box and clicking on the Button (2)
by clicking on the Excel icon in the toolbar (3) . This opens the current events XLS fle

Once you have an excel window open you can open other files in the same window by clicking on the Open icon in the Excel toolbar(4)
the file selection dialogue box opens with the default folder automatically set to the /xls sub folder

MAKE SURE that you save and close any XLS files that you have open in Excel, before you run CM
Once inside CM, you can open files in Excel, but you should close these before clicking on the Generate or Update buttons

scrutelle-RM writes XLS files containing ranking and SDC information. There are many Excel formats, but not all of these will be available
on your computer, as it depends which version of MSOffice you have intstalled

You can select the format in the SETTINGS form that you want RM to use
The default is set to MSOffice 95/97 as all later versions of Excel are backwards-compatible to this