Available in V9.8.17

This enables an event to be split into two splitfiles that will allow marks to be entered on two different computers,
then merged back into the main DB file so that recalls can be calculated

1 In scrutelle make sure that Flashdrive is enabled
2 Select the event to be split
3 Click on Setup
4 Click on Split/Merge - a new window form appears

5 If the button says Merge and not Split then you need to delete the existing split files from flashdrive
6 Enter the No of competitors reqd in File 1
6 Click on Split
6 Accept the check pop-up
7 after a short delay windows manager will open showing the contents of flashdrive
8 Copy the split files to a folder under C:\scrutelle\data on each of the receiving machines
9 Run scrutelle on each and enter the marks
10 copy the split files to flashdrive
11 In scrutelle open the main DB file
12 Click on Setup
13 Click on Split/Merge - new window form appears

14 Click on Merge
15 Exit the Split/Merge window
16 Exit Setup
17 Click on Enter Marks
18 Click on Calculate and continue