New version available in V9.8.27

This enables marks for an event to be entered into the master computer and also into a separate computer,
then merged back into the main DB file so that recalls can be calculated

1 In scrutelle make sure that Flashdrive is enabled
2 Select the event on the master computer
3 Click on the Print button
4 Set the Heats/page so that the heats to be input into the master computer appear on page 1
and those to be entered in the other computer appear on page 2
Clink on Print Entries then Exit
5 Click on Setup
6 Export the event by clicking on the Export button

7 If the Import button shows instead of the Export button then you need to delete the existing exported file from flashdrive
8 Enter marks into master computer
9 Meanwhile insert the flashdrive into the other computer and copy the exported event db file to the scrutelle\data\folder
10 Enter marks into other computer
and, when complete, copy the event db file back to flashdrive
11 Insert the flashdrive into the master computer
Open the event on the master computer and click on Setup
12 Click on Split/Merge - a new window form appears

13 Click on Merge
14 Exit the Merge window
15 Exit Setup
16 Click on Enter Marks - the combined marks from both computers should appear
17 Click on Calculate and continue