File Extensions
What do you mean by scrutelle.exe? - In my folder it just says scrutelle

The .exe is called the file extension and tells the computer what type of file it is
In order to make sure that scrutelle is installed correctly, you need to know too !

On Windows XP click on Tools/Folder Options/View
scroll down to Hide Extensions for known file types
and uncheck the box

For Vista Open a folder or open explorer
Click the Layout button (to the left of the Views button) Click Folder Options
Click the View tab
Uncheck Hide extensions for known file types
Click OK

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For Windows 7
Open Windows Explorer by opening up any folder
Click “Organize”
scroll down and click Folder and search options
Click the View tab
Scroll down until you see Hide extensions for known file types
Un-check this line here by clicking on the check box
Click OK

For Windows 8 & Windows 10
Open Windows Explorer by opening up any folder
Click on View
Check the box File name extensions

scrutelle data files
When you create a new scrutelle data set, scrutelle creates 2 files in your data directory with extensions .sct & .scx

These files are updated as the competition is run so that you can always retrace your steps, for example if you want to reproduce the printed output

If you want to transfer data from one computer to another, remember to copy both files

Filename conventions are very much a matter of personal choice. But problems are less likely to happen if names are kept as short as is meaningfully possible. Avoid mixed case and embedded blanks. It is better to use the underscore character in preference to a blank

The following folder arrangement is recommended - Example


C:\scrutelle\data\101225  etc
This will avoid getting program and data files muddled up.

The program folders (/v95 & /v95) should contain the following files (+ some other files)


Data Files
It is recommended that you create a separate sub-folder for each competition <> If you are using then all the XLS files should be put into the required data folder together with the scrutelle SCT & SCX

Results File Folders
After using the Make Data Files and SDC functions in RM, you will find other files have been created with extensions: .sce .htc .htr .htf .sdc these can be deleted (but after any uploads

Your Licence File
The file scrutelle.ini is your licence file which defines the limits on competitiors & judges. It also defines where scrutelee should look on your computer to find your browser and Excel

In scrutelle V9 the settings can be modified by clicking on the SETTINGS tab in the top toolbar

Browser=C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
Excel=C:\program files\microsoft office\office\excel.exe
scrutelle help is provided via your browser.The default browser is Internet Explorer and is assumed to be default INI file. If this is not the case, then you should modify scrutelle.ini as appropriate. You will then be able to view the help files by clicking on the help button within scrutelle

scrutelle-RM uses Excel on your computer to display the spreadsheets that it creates. You may need to amend the path to Excel in scrutelle.ini

MS Office 2007: Excel=C:\program files\microsoft office\office12\excel.exe
MS Office 97: Excel=C:\program files\microsoft office\office\excel.exe

If you want to place a shortcut icon for scrutelle onto your desktop, there are various ways of doing this. One is as follows:

Using Windows Explorer go to C:\scrutelle\program\v9
Right click on scrutelle.exe
Select Create Shortcut
Select the new shortcut file with your mouse and drag it onto the Desktop
Right Click the new Desktop Icon and select Rename
Rename the Icon to Scrutelle