The scrutineering computer program scrutelle was written under the direction of Estelle Grassby and was first released in 2002

The scrutelle system provides all that is required in order to scrutineer a competition, with a core module to process the judges marks and determine the recalls and final results. There are extra modules to manage the whole competition and to post-process the final results
The birth of scrutelle was the natural sequel to the publishing of The A-Z of Scrutineering. This book was produced as a consequence of a request made by the BDC to Estelle to update the available literature on the Skating System and ancillary rules appertaining to the scrutineering systems to be applied at all Ballroom Dancing events held under the auspices of the BDC The same rules apply worldwide
scrutelle has been used at many competitions within the UK and abroad including the International and United Kingdom Championships and has been used at the Blackpool Dance Festival since 2002
scrutelle Version 8 brought additional functionality including presentation of placing and ranking values in a format that will facilitate data transfer to the various ranking systems in use within the dancesport world

There were also improved facilities to upload results to the web for presentation in a format that can be customised to match the look and feel of the promoter organisation website

scrutelle Version 9 implements VB.NET, which Microsoft are committed to supporting for beyond the forseeable future

The general structure is basically similar to V8, except that the opportunity has been taken to make some re-arangement of the modules. For example, Marksheet printing has been moved from CM to the main scrutelle program, together with the new Tablet Control Panel.

VB.NET has many advantages. Not only is the code more robust and easier to maintain, but it means that the scrutelle installation procedure is much simpler than before. It has also made it possible to introduce many improvements in the user interface

scrutelle is recommended by the World Dance Council and we have developed a way of transmitting the ranking results produced by RM back to WDC for inclusion in their ranking systems