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This version is available to registered Users only
If you have V9.8 already installed, please update to V9.8.20 to ensure compatibity with the scrutelle website

In V9.8 the SCT/SCX files are replaced by a single database file scrutelle.db in which the data for all the events are stored in SQL tables. Otherwise the programs are generally very similar in use to V9.6

The spreadsheets input into scrutelle-CM should be in XLSX format

An Export/Import facility has been added to scrutelle Setup. This allows individual events to be exported to another computer for marks input Details

Split/Merge has been moved from scrutelle-CM to scrutelle Setup Details

V9.8 supports Tablet Marks Input scrutelle-TCP

If you are updating from scrutelle V9.6 to V9.8
then all you need to do is copy your licence file to C:\scrutelle\program\v98\scrutelle.ini,
Then run scrutelle and click the Getting Started button
(Note that you need to close any open data file in order to see this)
and create an extra V9.8 desktop icon

For more details see SCRUTELLE V9.8

This version has now been withdrawn
and is no longer fully supported. It will still work but facilities such as the Results and Data Uploads and Support Tickets may not work correctly
Users are advised to upgrade to V9.8
Users are advised to Upgrade to V9.6.12 or later or to V9.8.20 in order to ensure that all facilities work correctly, such as the Results and Data Uploads and Support Tickets

scrutelle V9.6 creates results files in a new format in order to make the upload process faster
and to simplify the import of results into the Search Results database

The following optional columns can now be included in the comps file to the right of the standard columns
These will be included in the web results display (RM9.6.5 & later). This feature will be required for the Blackpool Dance Festival in Shanghai August 2016

SCHOOLName of school
ETHNICNAMESNames in Chinese or Cyrillic characters etc
ETHNICSCHOOLName of school in Chinese or Cyrillic characters etc
COMMENTWithdrawn, disqualified etc or any other comment
IDCompetitor ID (for input into promoters ranking system)

Placings and ranking information for a whole competition can also now be downloaded in spreadsheet format
This is done via the new option RESULTS ADMIN in the scrutelle top toolbar
Clicking on that logs you into your account on www.scrutelle.info

We set up our Hong Kong Mirror site in preparation for the BLACKPOOL DANCE FESTIVAL (CHINA) which took place in Shanghai in August 2016 - see www.scrutelle.hk/results

Results posted on the HK server also appear in the main list on scrutelle.info

Modified 1/5/17