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The main changes are

1 The SCT/SCX files are now replaced by a single database file scrutelle.db
2 Data is input via scrutelle-CM and should be XLSX format
3 Judge panels are defined using a single spreadsheet which is specified in the events files as PANELFILE in the xls sub folder eg xls/allpanels.xlsx
4 The entry in the JUDGES column in the events file for each event is the panel name which is defined in the PANELFILE
5 The REP and SPLIT columns are no longer mandatory and need not be included unless required
6 There is an additional option column SESSION which allows each event to be assigned to a session
7 Within scrutelle it is possible to switch to any event. If sessions have been defined then the session can be selected and the event selected from a drop-down box for that session
8 Late entries can still be added in scrutelle, either during marks entry or in Setup, but the associated names need to be entered into the comps file
9 Recalls can still be modified in Setup

File events.xlsx

File allpanels.xlsx file

Modified 3/12/16