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Annual charge £150

This allows use by different scrutineers on competitions promoted by a single organisation
OR by a single scrutineer on competitions promoted by different organisations

scrutelle Version 9 is not just simply an enhanced version of scrutelle. It is a new program, written in the current Microsoft standard VBNET as opposed to the earlier Visual Basic 6. Although many of the ideas and much of the logic developed over the years have been incorporated, the user interface is completely new and took many months work to write. We are also indebted to the individuals who have given their time and feedback in the testing process

We have therefore decided that customers who purchased a once-off licence years ago will not be eligible for a free upgrade to V9 but should instead switch to an annual licence as above. This will not only help to meet the cost of developing the new program, but is also fairer to all the more recent customers

Customers that do not wish to upgrade to V9 can continue to use Version 8, although it will not necessarily work with newer versions of windows. Also please note that the V8 web results facility is no longer available