(101.jpg) Run scrutelle-CM and open the events file for your competition


(102.jpg) Click on this help button for information about comps file formats


(103.jpg) You can download an XLSX file


(104.jpg) Click on Generate - then, if OK, Exit


(105.jpg) In scrutelle, select the Event you want and click on TCP


(106.jpg) You need to define the Heats - by printing entries


(107.jpg) Click on Print Entries


(108.jpg) Then run TCP


(109.jpg) Set the Tablets to the Dance you want


(110.jpg) This shows the heats


(111.jpg) Judges can now login on their tablets


(113.jpg) and enter marks


(114.jpg) after entering all the recalls reqd, click on Submit


(115.jpg) and Continue


(116.jpg) In TCP you can view the returns as they come in


(117.jpg) This pages refreshes automatically every few seconds


(118.jpg) When all judges are complete, continue in scrutelle to calculate