In scrutelle terminology, a competition is made up of a number of events, each of which comprise one or more dances

As scrutelle data file can store one of more events.

The first setup form contains data that is common to all the events in the one scrutelle file

No of judges
Max no in any one heat
No of copies of the compère sheets to be printed
A checkbox to indicate that heats are to be randomized
A checkbox to indicate that the all the events in the file are to be combined in a Single Dance Compilation
A checkbox to enable the Generate Option - this is a useful feature when testing the data before a competition
If enabled, then an extra button appers on the marks entry form, which will generate a set of random marks

Select the event from the drop-down box and enter the details for that event
Select the dances in this event
Enter the competitor numbers
Enter the recall nos for each round