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Terms & Conditions

scrutelle is supplied to you subject to the conditions indicated below.

Program means the set of programs, documentation and related materials in this package, together with all ancillary updates and enhancements supplied by SCRUTELLE directly or indirectly (eg via download from www.scrutelle.info) to you regardless of the form in which you may subsequently use it.

You assume responsibility for the selection of the program to achieve your intended results, and for the installation, use and results obtained from the program.

This software may only be used by the person/organisation to whom the software is licensed. The name of the licensee appears on the program start up screen. You may not loan this software to any other person/organisation for the purposes of scrutineering dance competitions without the express prior consent of ESTELLE GRASSBY.

1 The program remains the copyright of ESTELLE GRASSBY
2 The program may be used on any machines owned by the licensee
3 The program may not be transferred to a third party without the written permission of ESTELLE GRASSBY, and only if the other party agrees to the terms and conditions of this agreement
4 ESTELLE GRASSBY shall have no liability or responsibility for any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by programs sold by her
5 The program is supplied on an 'as is' basis. ESTELLE GRASSBY does not give warranties or make representations that the program is error free or will meet functions required by the user. It shall be the responsibility of the user to ensure that the program meets the users requirements
Installing the system implies acceptance of these terms and conditions

Last Modified 22/9/13